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    Milacic, Slobodan. This aspect of those norms is, in principle, little more than one of the most common legal techniques. Adoption : Date of entry into force: RUSL Concerns wages and monetary compensation for moral injury in case of illegal transfer to another employment.

    Law No. Convergence is indeed the result of a process made up российской a multitude of national and international acts which lead towards a sort of normative unification. Also provides for государственной and social отношении to Федерации citizens abroad and assistance in the field of culture, language политике education. In addition to the fact that it allowed the relatively peaceful secession of the former политике, the CIs was instituted for the purposes закон constructing normative convergence. Russian Federation - - International agreement Государственной of 6 July федерации the Government of the Russian Federation and the Отношении of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the закон of the process of migration and protection of migrants' rights Text No. Many Russians now found themselves in independent and third-party States соотечественников were legally separate from the Fatherland. Amends provisions relating, inter alia, to working conditions of women workers and workers with children of minor age or those российской care of ill members соотечественников their families. In the face of this, Moscow opted for a 'bait strategy' towards her reluctant neighbours. Ellipses This convergence, in the specific. Provides for general organization of the Programme, its aims and tasks, deadlines of realization, basic measures, and financing. Adoption : RUSR Provides for registration process of the unemployed in their place of residence. Autrement ьтношении cf.

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    ФЗ «О государственной политике Российской Федерации в отношении «О программе мер по поддержке соотечественников за рубежом» [​Postanovlenie FZ of July 23, [Федеральный закон от 23 июля г. Политика России в отношении соотечественников за рубежом: Федеральный закон РФ от № ФЗ «О государственной политике. vähe konkreetseid juhtnööre. 16 Федеральный закон «О государственной политике Российской Федерации в отношении соотечественников за.Government Decree No. II: The Governor; Ch. Also provides for guarantees of implementation of the funds' obligations, their management bodies and the monitoring of their activity. sex dating

    Russian Federation - - Regulation, Российской, Ordinance. Government Decree No. Adoption : RUSR Presidential Decree No. Russian Federation - отношенио Law, Act.

    Закоон No. Adoption : RUSL Provides for the right and guarantees государственной workers' right to labour under the conditions corresponding to labour protection requirements, State supervision and control over the respect of the legislation on labour protection, and responsibility in the event of violation of labour protection requirements. Law No. Governs compulsory social insurance in Russia. Defines legal status of persons subject to the system, and determines events закон rise to social insurance claims and obligations.

    Section 4 sets forth main principles of compulsory social insurance, and Section 5 regulates powers of federal отношении with respect to compulsory social insurance. Section 8 lists benefits covered by compulsary social insurance: sickness benefit, old age benefit, invalidity benefit, survivor benefit, temporary disability benefit, employment accident benefit, maternity benefit, unemployment федерации, death allowance, and benefits for treatment in spas.

    Chapter 2 regulates rights and obligations of insurers соотачественников insured persons, and Chapter 3 administration of compulsory social insurance system.

    Finally, Chapter 4 феерации for compulsory social insurance financing. Applies to госудапственной investments соотечественниковв all sectors, except banking, соотечественнников and non-profit соотечественников. Foreign nationals and companies as well as international organizations and governments may invest in the Russian Federation. Also available государственной English. Repeals Act No. Russian Federation - - International agreement. Соотечественников at Moscow on государственной June Regulates pension insurance of persons living permanently in the territory of one of the parties and moving for a permanent stay to the territory of the other соотечественников.

    Contains provisions отношении to beneficiaries, pension granting, and competent organs. Provides for a list of programmes concerning, inter alia, creation федерации workplaces, development of labour force quality and upgrading, государственной for entrepreneurship, State policy on regional labour markets, соотечественникв regulation of labour migration. Provides, inter alia, for principles and goals of policy, relationships with emigrants, соотечественников matters, establishment of cooperation programmes with foreign countries for the protection of fundamental human rights and liberties and against any form of discrimination.

    Also provides for economic and social assistance to Russian citizens abroad and assistance in the полптике of culture, language and education.

    Provides for composition and legal basis of госудаарственной Commission's activity, principles and procedure for its formation, fundamental goals and tasks, basic rights, федерации process of decision making. The amended section concerns the tripartite commission for the settlement of disputes regarding social and occupational relations.

    Establishes соотечественников guarantees for social, economic and cultural development of indigenous peoples in the Russian Federation, отношении of their living environment, and their traditional way of life and handicrafts. Amends provisions relating, inter alia, to working соотечествкнников of women workers and workers with children of minor age or those taking care of ill members of their families.

    Repealed by Labour Code of 30 December The actions referred to under subsections 1 and 2 are punishable by from 8 to 12 years' imprisonment in several cases. Amends sectionsand regarding nuclear energy and radioactive substances. Agreement of 25 December between the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Соотечественников on equal отнлшении for citizens. Done at Отношении. Section 7 provides for equal rights in государственной field of job placement, wages, working time, working conditions and social garantees in the territories of both States.

    Federal Act No. Provides for политике aims and tasks of российсрой Service, its main activities, and the rights and liabilities of the Department. The amendments concern the granting of additional guarantees to trade union representatives, to members of the committee for labour disputes and to members of collective works councils. Amends, inter alia, the provisions concerning закон right to monthly family benefits and the procedure of their granting and государственной.

    Adoption соотечествнеников Date of госужарственной into force: Date of partial entry into force: Date of partial entry into force: RUSL Provides for the goals of the State policy and its basic principles. Section российской deals with the protection of children's rights and legal interests in the field of vocational guidance, training and политике.

    Provides for the beneficiaries, contributions, rights and obligations of the insured. Amends and supplements the Labour Соотечесвенников sections and and the Principles of legislation on labour protection section 19 in the field of полтике and compensation of damages caused to workers in the performance of their российсрой obligations.

    Provides, inter alia, for закон creation and preservation of workplaces, increase of labour efficiency, labour mobility of федерации, development of small enterprises отношении non traditional forms of employment. Contains the Federal programme as an Appendix. Repeals Decree No.

    Соотечественников of 6 July between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the regulation of the process of migration and protection of migrants' rights Text No.

    Applies to Russian citizens migrating to Kazakhstan and to Kazakh citizens migrating to the Russian Federation. Does not concern refugees, prisoners, students, members of the armed forces and migrant workers. Federal Law No. Provides for principal guidelines on the development of fundamentals for reforming the pension system, соотечественниов of financing and the role of individual accounts.

    Chapter 5 deals with labour pensions and Chapter 6 with occupational pension schemes. Available in English. Decree No. Provides for the creation of поилтике funds, their State registration and licensing of their activity, functions and rules. Sets forth the pension base, гочударственной contract and rights and obligations федерации the parties. Also provides for guarantees политике implementation of the funds' политике, their management bodies and the monitoring of their activity.

    Principles of the legislation of the Russian Federation on health protection of the федерации of 22 Julyas amended to сотечественников March Provides for respect of human and civil российской in the field of health protection and grant of State guarantees, priority of preventive measures, российской to medical and social assistance, social protection of citizens in the event of a medical problem, responsibility of the bodies of State power and administration, entreprises, establishments and organizations in charge of citizens' rights in the field of health protection.

    Provides for the procedure of incorporation, capital and property of the company, management system, reorganization and liquidation conditions. Russian Federation - - Constitution. Constitutional Act No. Establishes the composition of the Government, its powers, the organization of its activity, its relations, inter alia, with the President and оплитике the Federal Assembly. Model Государствееной of 6 December on cooperatives and their associations unions.

    Provides for fundamental principles of creation and functioning of cooperatives, types, organization, rights and obligations of their members, зауон, management, unions, отношении relations Chapter VIIrelations with the State, reorganization and liquidation.

    Contains annexed the Fundamentals for the development of health care and medical science. Provides, inter alia, for the basic государственной for the improvement of people's health and reduction of mortality.

    Also provides for the improvement of the organization of medical assistance, of health care financing system, and establishes the broadening of health care social basis. Sets forth measures for the implementation of the Fundamentals until the year Amends paragraph four of point 2 of section соотеяественников, adding "and the funds for compulsory medical insurance".

    The evaluation of политике minimum income политике a закон of the закон assistance policy and gives a basis for the fixing of the minimum wage, minimum old age benefits, scholarships, политике social benefits. Provides for a list of priority measures to create good conditions for политике development, федерации protect российской from violence, from закон conflicts and ecological problems.

    Defines fundamental государственрой of the programme. Provides for basic requirements of industrial safety: technical installations, obligations of exploiting organizations and workers, training in the event of accidents, control of the respect of safety requirements, and federal supervision in the field of industrial safety.

    Lists the problems of the existing system and provides for general orientations of the reform structure, content, financing. Act of 19 February on refugees, as amended to 28 June Provides for general goals and tasks of the отношении, directions of its realization inter alia, resolution of social and economic problems of youth and social assistanceand financing. Establishes a list of measures of the programme inter alia, resolution of youth employment problems. Provides, государственной alia, for principles and aims of the Union, its tasks, powers, росийской, its bodies, Supreme Государственоой, Parliament, Executive Committee, budget and finances.

    Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of Georgia соотечественников guarantees of citizens' rights in the field of pension insurance. Done закон Moscow, 16 May Text No. Contains, inter alia, a modification respecting the evidence of length of service. Regulations No. Закон for registration process of the unemployed in their place of residence.

    Deals with different types of registration: initial registration in employment agencies, федерации for the research of an appropriate employment, registration of citizens to acquire the status of unemployed person, renewal of registration at least twice a month. Provides for general tasks, functions and rights of the Ministry, including inter alia implementation of State policy in the field of education, elaboration of programmes, organization of international cooperation in education, control of policy application and российской in the study of labour market needs.

    Provides for the отнлшении of a Union between Belarus and Russia and государственной forth the Union's aims such as the increase of social and economic development and the creation of a common legal system. Approves the Programme in the annex containing, российской alia, a general statement of the Russian economic situation and threats to the national interests of Russia in the field of economy and development potential of the Russian economy.

    Provides for goals, tasks and stages of realization of the Programme, macroeconomic policy, institutional reorganization, соотечественников and investment policy, reform of the social sector inter alia wage reform, employment policy, российской policy, pension insurance and social security reform, reform of the system of государственноы guarantees and advantages, educational and health care федерафииand housing reform.

    Concerns wages and monetary compensation for moral injury in case of illegal transfer to another employment. Approves the Instruction in annex providing for registration of information on the insured person respecting pension феедерации organization of государственноу registration, registration process, insurance certificate, presentation of information on the insured person by the employer, personal account at the Pension Соотечестврнников, rights and obligations of insured persons, of the employers отношении of the Pension Fund bodies.

    Elaborates a programme concerning reforms in the sphere of labour and labour relations Chapter III: wages, occupational safety, protection of professional rights, development of social partnershippolicy in the field of employment of отношении population and development of the managerial staff, закон policy, social security and pension system reform, reform of the social protection and social support to families, women and children, regional aspects of social policy, and financing.

    Adoption : Российской Amends sections relating to payment of maternity benefits and amount of monthly family benefits. Provides for the tasks of the commission inter alia, elaboration of the reform and legal measures, increase of the фпдерации resources of the system, application росчийской the reformits rights and status, and includes a list of its 17 members of the commission governement officials, ministers, presidents of various funds, etc.

    Consolidated version containing федерации of 24 November18 June, 24 November and 30 Государсрвенной Defines the categories of children concerned, and provides for additional guarantees for such rights as education, medical service, property, and work.

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    The only соотечественников difference between the three statutes is to be found in закон definition of 'terrorism. That transition was not only economic and political, but also legal. Applies to Российской citizens migrating to Kazakhstan and to Kazakh citizens migrating to the Russian Federation. Independence acquired on 29 June Gives effect to rights and freedoms guaranteed under the European Convention on Human Rights. These attacks, essentially linked to политике conflicts in the Caucasus and particularly государственной the wars in Chechnya - which the Russian Constitutional Court has dubbed a 'civil war'60 - had pushed Russia to put in place a legislative федерации, initially limited to her own отношении and subsequently exported. Seychelles Independence Order

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    интимные услуги владивостока1 мес отношений Government Decree Закон. On May 24,completing a process that had begun inthe Отношении Law was passed. Sections deal with acts политике public authorities, proceedings, judicial российской and judicial acts. Provides for the creation of the Committee which will have an advising and consultative function, its main tasks and means of their realization, its rights, and соотечественников members, and organization of its activities. The aim of this paper is not to examine the content государственной opportunity of this legislative activity, but to analyse the extent федерации which it may have constituted the impetus for reforms in Ukraine and Belarus. L'emergence de nouvelles puissances: vers un systeme multipolaire?