‘I changed my name in honour of my favourite TV character but my mum is furious’


A man who legally changed his name to include the title of one of his favourite TV characters says he’s been left torn after his mum branded the move “stupid and embarrassing”.

His parents had given him the first name of Donald – after his grandfather – but he says the name was teased when he was growing up with Donald Duck jokes and has become even worse in the last four years following the election of Donald Trump.

Although he had mostly gone by his middle name of Jake, when he and his girlfriend eloped and he decided to take her last name, he seized the opportunity to change his first and middle names too.

Choosing Jacob to become his official first name and adopting his wife’s surname, he picked Tiberius as his middle name after Star Trek character James Tiberius Kirk, explaining it was meaningful to him as he and his wife had met at a sci-fi convention.

But he wrote: “The only one who isn’t completely in awe of my incredible new name is (understandably) my mom.

“She wanted me to just swap the names (Jacob Donald Lastname) so I still have my grandpa’s name somewhere in there.

“She’s annoyed I’m putting a joke name over a sentimental one and she’s very vocal about hating Tiberius and thinking it’s stupid and embarrassing.”

After asking for advice as to whether he had gone too far in removing his grandfather’s name altogether, many people on Reddit took his side with one arguing: “It is not a joke name. It is a lifestyle name and it is yours. None of anyone’s business, including the one who named you.”

A second said: “While your mom may be upset, it is not her who has to live with the name. If she wants the name around she should change her name.”

And some sympathised with both sides of the argument, but agreed it was ultimately his decision, commenting: “Names are the first gift you give your child. And your name was to honor your grandfather.

“That you would pick a joke name is kind of disrespectful. But… while it’s a little disrespectful, I think your mom’s reaction is out line as well.”