Shoppers left in stitches by enthusiastic pose of man modelling male nightdress


As the cold nights start to draw in, you might find yourself looking for something cosier to wear at bedtime.

People on Twitter were left in stitches over a photo of a man modelling a nightshirt.

One person even joked that he looked like she was impersonating Ebenezer Scrooge.

The image of the man’s unusual pose, with his legs confidently spread apart, was shared online.

The poster joked: “Hold on so y’all men really wouldn’t wear this? I thought men liked comfort.”

Her tweet went viral and sparked lots of hilarious jokes.

One woman replied: “The model clearly loves it,” with another fan adding: “So we not gon talk about how the model is serving?!!??….HE ATE THAT!!!”

Another added: “I’d rock this out in public with no regret.”

A third, whose girlfriend has bought it for him, commented: “My girl copped this for me yesterday. Ima feel like George Washington when I sleep.”

Many drew comparisons with Christmas Carol character Ebenezer Scrooge, with one person joking: ” What next a night cap?

“Am I grabbing my candle to run across the house and close my windows before I catch my death lmaooo lmaoooooo”

The sleepwear is currently sold out on Amazon’s website over here in the UK.

The description states: “The oversized sleep dress feels wonderful against the skin and is extremely comfortable to wear as well.”

It has 4.5 stars out of five with lots of customers raving about the product.

They wrote: “Excellent product! Great fit! Makes me wonder why I have not been wearing nightshirts prior to this purchase!”

Another joked: “I can wear this nightshirt without questioning my masculinity or orientation unlike many. This is an extremely comfortable and quailty product.

“I am pleased with this purchase and my spouse has easy access to my goods.”

A third added: “Love this shirt, it is soft and comfortable. I intentionally ordered a size larger than I thought I needed and am glad I did a size larger will fit true to your size.

“I’ve never worn a nightshirt but now I’m a fan. Wish they had regular T-shirts because I’ve never found a shirt so comfortable.”