Mum left red-faced after phone shower hack goes viral for all the wrong reasons


Social media is a great place to pick up tips and tricks to make life a little easier – from cleaning methods to parenting advice.

But one mum who took to Facebook to share her shower hack saw the post attract a lot of attention, just not for the reasons she had hoped for.

She explained that her teenage sons use their phones in the shower, leaving her worried the devices would drop to the floor and break.

The mum wrote: “My teenage boys would ALWAYS take their phones into the shower with them. No matter how many times I told them not to.

“I was forever telling them they were going to drop it and I wasn’t getting them a new one. “Until I came up with this fab idea.

“Went to my favourite shop and got some car phone holders. Yep, that did the trick.”

She explained that she had used glue to fix the bracket to wall to ensure it didn’t fall off, but the post seemed to pose more questions than answers for hundreds of people in the comments.

One asked the well-meaning mum: “Have you questioned why they need to take their phones in the shower?”

A second said: “We all in my house take our phones in. I listen to music, my teenage son – well I’ll give you three guesses.”

Another wrote: “Everyone is just poking fun and having a giggle, we were all teenagers once and know exactly what that stand is getting used for.”

The mum responded to the comments to deny that her sons would be using the new phone holder for an X-rated reason, writing: “I didn’t put this up for backlash and not all kids do that. Gee.”

But others replied to say that they loved the bright idea, as one commenter said she even wanted to get one for her husband.

Someone else replied to say: “I love this hack and anything to stop the drama of a wet phone. OMG a teen without a phone NO THANKS!”