NFL, NFLPA investigate 49ers, Kendrick Bourne for protocol violations


49ers receiver Kendrick Bourne, as it turns out, has a good reason to push back against the idea that he generated a false COVID-19 positive.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the league and union are investigating the team and the player for potential protocol violations. The investigation includes whether face coverings were properly worn.

While simply an investigation at this point, it’s stunning that, given the current state of the pandemic, players and coaches would fail to comply with the COVID-19 protocols to which the NFL and NFLPA have agreed. Positives results are going up throughout the communities in which NFL teams are located, which in turn has resulted in positive results increasing for the league’s various teams.

Even though the league has made it through eight weeks without losing a single game, it continues to feel inevitable that, eventually, an eighteenth week will be needed.